Struggling with separation or divorce? Looking to avoid expensive lawyers and the stress of family court?

The Mazer Method is an affordable holistic approach to divorce that avoids family court, assists you in creating win-win marital settlements and helps get your life back on track.

What We Do

The Mazer Method is essentially a three step process:

Phase I

We carve out win-win settlement agreements that take into account the priorities of each party

Phase II

We provide the tools and services you need to thrive in all areas of your life

Phase III

Once you are ready to go, we host fun events and provide a safe environment to find new love

Affordable Divorce Agreements

The Mazer Method is designed to create fair and equitable agreements required during a divorce for much less than the costs of traditional litigation:
Equitable Distribution – All marital property is fairly split giving preference to the desires of the couple
Custody – A fair custody arrangement is developed that is flexible enough to allow for modifications on a monthly basis depending on parents’ schedules
Support – Each parent funds the children’s expenses proportional to their respective incomes

Life Coaching

The Mazer Method provides life coaching with a focus on the post-marital self and assisting individuals in repackaging themselves to tackle the modern world through:

  • support groups
  • spiritual meditation and energy healing
  • resume writing and job finding
  • weightloss and fitness
  • lectures and seminars

Life After Divorce

When you are ready, the Mazer Method hosts fun events to provide a safe environment to meet new people with similar life experiences. Some of these events include:

  • Karaoke Parties
  • Speed Dating
  • Guest Speakers
  • Game Night

Our Team

Our team consists of a diverse group of professionals with varied experiences to help serve you better

Renee Mazer

Attorney, Author, Radio Personality

After a contentious divorce opened her eyes to the travesties that exist in today’s family court system, Renee became an advocate for reform. As the founder of The Mazer Method, Renee brings her experience, legal knowledge, and passion to assist others in achieving fair divorce agreements and coaching them towards a new lease on life.

Michael Schwartz

Attorney, Reiki Master, Financial Advisor

As an attorney, chemical engineer, and reiki master, Michael uses his legal knowledge, analytical mind and spiritual background to help others address the most difficult of life’s challenges. He has spent the last 20+ years assisting his clients in financial matters following divorce.

Augie Conte

Life Coach, Motivational Speaker, Facilitator

Augie is a professional motivational trainer who has given hundreds of seminars that inspire people to reach their peak performance.  He has concentrated his counseling on assisting others to achieve prosperity after being struck with grief.  For nearly 30 years, Augie has been an NHL off-ice official.

What Seems Like the End …

is Often the Beginning

Why Choose The Mazer Method?

A Holistic Approach to Divorce and Separation

Affordable and Fair Divorce Settlements

Our experienced attorneys will assist you in developing fair and equitable agreements regarding property division, custody and support at a fraction of the cost of traditional litigation.

Life Coaching

Whether you need help getting a job, support from like-minded people, or guidance getting back to the dating scene, we provide the assistance that you need.

Dating After Divorce

We run fun and exciting events to provide a safe environment to meet and mingle.

What Our Clients Say

My divorce had decimated me both financially and socially. Thanks to Renee's coaching, I got my act together and now I love my life.
Rick Yells
Michael's caring and courteous manner put my mind at ease during a very stressful period. He's the best lawyer that I ever had the pleasure to deal with.
David Jones
I learned more about myself than I had ever known. Augie has what I can only classify as a superpower that allows him to come into a room and comfort and educate all who are inside.
Timothy Card

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